Monday, June 30, 2008

GAY PRIDE HOLIDAY WEEKEND extended remix (not)

the day was neither as bad as I had expected, nor as good as my more optimistic side had hoped. My workplace has a spot in the March, so it is part of work to march (in exchange for having today off, which I don't - but am going in later). And in a sense that was good, it forced me out there, and there were nice moments, as there always is. But it was tough, for the obvious reasons of being alone this year, and thinking of our first date on Gay Pride of 2005 (is it still "our" if there is no more "we"? - I digress); and then also not to have much "freedom" until later in the day. When you are IN the March, you don't get to see much of it, so not many decent photos (don't ask why the cop butt pic, it just so happened many of them had nice asses, in these seemingly tighter-than-usual trousers this year). And after the work-required part of the day, later, it didn't get any better, (OK, it was worse) - so much for "freedom." For the rest of the day I don't think I actually spoke to another person, or anyone spoke to me, except in commercial terms - "beer, please", and "with cheese? that'll be 6 bucks."

By 8:30pm I was back home, given up. I've had lousy gay pride days before, and I'm sure there will be more. But I remember the good ones, and I just have to remind myself, and accept, that there will be both in the future. ugh. I mean, yeah!