Sunday, August 03, 2008

the rain
Was listening to one of my favorite albums, Toots In Memphis , and figured I'd post a song or two. But, since it's an album of covers of classic 1970's Memphis soul, I thought it would be more interesting to pick one, and add the original, to see how well Toots Hibbert's amazing voice stands up to the original. Going with the rain theme from yesterday, Love The Rain seemed an ideal choice; his voice is soooo good! But who knew he had actually reworked it, and that the original was Ann Peeble's I Can't Stand The Rain. I had never heard her version, but became fascinated by Toots' decision to put a more positive light on his emotions - or maybe, as is the case with most good music, that's just my interpretation of his choice. Take a listen:

The original lyrics are over here; and maybe it's just me, and my disposition, or recent events - but I just like the fact that Toots doesn't just reject being negative about his experience, as painful as it might be, but he chooses to embrace his life, and manages to find a way to see the value in something that may be over, but still means a lot to him.

(and by the way, while I should feel like - woah, how could I never have heard of Ms Peebles!! I must say, it's one of those fun sunday morning things on the internet, discovering something new (to me, anyway) and going hogwild looking shit up, and downloading stuff - here's perhaps her most famous tune - I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down)