Thursday, August 28, 2008

yup, still here
anyone know who that speaker on Monday night was (C-SPAN - earlier in evening) kept referring to Obama as Barack-o-Rama? i was shouting and laughing at the tv simultaneously; but looks like i was only one who noticed this.

I've been glued each night since i've gotten home to C-Span (those cable networks promising "gavel-to-gavel coverage" are soooo full of crap! "news"commentators yapping away while somewhere in the background people are talking on a podium is NOT coverage!) but i digress. so i'm a political junkie, and good thing. gives me a few hours each night to get lost in the larger world, and out of my own head.

my own head? still giving me trouble, but I'm kinda accepting that. the man i pay to listen to me threw out "a year, it'll be a good year" before i begin to really get over/past this break up. i kinda knew that, and this confirmation, while it's somewhat bothersome, at the same time it helps me to not get so impatient with myself, and my everymorning sadness. it's gonna be there, it's common, it's part of the process. yuck - but there's no shortcuts, so breathe, and be patient with yourself - this is what i gotta tell myself each day (actually several times a day).

perhaps the weekend will bring some more porno back to this space