Monday, September 08, 2008

amazing how swiftly my mindset can change. totally fearing going into work. hmmm, fear is the wrong word. i just don't want the aggravation. yesterday, in a happy mood,it seemed so far away - work - and I let myself get lost in just contemplating the previous night's all around "goodness". OK, ok - to self: SHUT UP! in 5 days you will be on vacation, out of town!!! 2 days ago you met a nice man and had fun with him, not to mention your best friend!!! you are SURROUNDED by nice stuff, so stop yer WHINING! - sheeeeeshh! OK, so that helped. got my pants, my shoes on.... but but...

oh look at the pretty morning glory outside my window - 5 floors up! (t-shirt on, wallet in pocket....)

OK, I am officially over myself. put a smile on yer face, hop on the bike, get it over with already.... bye