Sunday, September 07, 2008

Quiet fear of the passing time
as the first few thumping notes of My Spine (Is the Bassline) emit from the speakers, I bounce out and away from the handsome man who's got my attention, grab the deejay and order him to bend over so I can fuck him, punching his shoulder to the beat - "best (punch) - fuckin (punch) - song! (punch) I tell him as I try to bend him over but he's stronger than I remember, and besides, sheesh-geez! not gonna do that, the deejay's my friend - i'm just having a really good time. Of course, now that I am a few yards away from the handsome man, as I walk back, i get to take a longer view of his face..... mmmmmm.

now, the night had its ups and downs. well, no - only one down - a horriblehorrible LOUD horrible movie -Thunderbolt & Lightfoot - or something like that, allegedly a comedy (did I mention it was horrible); the rest were ups. Before the movie, goodfood with a great friend, then we headed to nowhere for drinks, and it was fairly quiet for a Saturday, which was nice. and just talked to a handful of friends/barbuddies/friends-of-friends, each other. anyway, it was a good enough night, and then it got better when the handsomeface was attached to a nice,fun, (blah blah dontgettooexciteditsjustonenicenight) man. that's all i'm sayin'- oh, and i think pizza was involved during the walk home.