Monday, May 25, 2009

ask any buddy

might as well take a piss while I'm here

so, sitting doing nothing but looking at old shit on the computer (i searched my hard drive for files with the word "paso" in them and came up with over a hundred!) which somehow got me back to an old post from a year and a half ago - "The Motorcyclist and the Harvard Man”, where I show a clip from Joe Gage's El Paso Wrecking Corp - but if you read the text (do any of you ever....?) I mention I am showing the edited version of the scene, the "common" 6 minute scene that's in the DVD, and perhaps 99% of all old VHS copies out there, including the GAGETAPE version that I love (which btw, does have the full version of the Fred Halsted, the Kid, and His Dad scene which gets so much more attention for not being in the DVD). And here, on my hard drive, is the longer, fuller, seemingly uncut version that was only available on the TMX video version on the movie. And yet, mentioning that back in late 2007, I never heard from anyone wanting to see it, the full 8-1/2 minute scene, 2-1/2 minutes more than what's on your DVD version.

shrug. you people are lame.