Friday, May 01, 2009

days off

here i thought with a 4-day weekend, i'd be out drinking Wednesday and Thursday nights. instead I find my self getting up early both days, listening to the birds wake up (yeah, i was up at 5am yesterday!), slurping coffee and kinda wishing I was slurping something a bit more substantial (but what can ya do?) Meanwhile, soon i need to get off my lazy sorry ass and begin cleaning up the apartment, and preparing for finding a roommate. I think the roommie moves out this weekend, so I'll have some time to shift and move shit around as I try to clear stuff out, and get this place back in order.

I also have this fantasy that i could get a couple of hot tourists who need a place to stay sometime in the month of May to fork over a few bucks for the privilege of being in this tiny tiny apartment for a few days, but not holding my breath there....

btw, anyone having trouble viewing the clip below? Seems at least one person is, and I suspect it's the file format (AVI) rather than the file itself that is troublesome for him. But if it looks more widespread, I can convert it to my usual WMV file. any feedback is appreciated.
update: thanks for the feedback, boys; the clip below has been fixed - enjoy!