Monday, September 28, 2009


i shouldn't be awake yet, but the sound of the waves a helicopter woke me. got in late last night, and of course not ready to be back. already yelled at roommate, and several co-workers (none were aware of the yelling, but one of them doesn't clean up after himself, and the others, well, they are hopeless) but anyway, lying in bed, the sound of the helicopter, i decided to get up anyway, since 6:30am has been my usual time to wake up while on vacation. i'm trying to be upset, or sad, and no doubt i will be both in a matter of hours at the office, but right now, the rising sun is hitting me, and i realize it is at the exact same angle it did each morning for a week from the little deck of the place i was staying - same sun, same me...... now if only i could replicate the sounds of the waves that coaxed me to sleep each night, or that woke me in the middle of the night, begging me to come out on the deck and look at the bazillion stars not only above, but somehow just straight ahead over the bay. more pictures, some videos later no doubt; think i'll keep at 02657 for awhile longer on the blackberry