Wednesday, September 02, 2009


the idea is, i am supposed to try to get out of my rut; you know - doing the same thing over and over again (bars, webcam, "dating" websites) and expecting a different result.... blah blah blah - so, after work yesterday, instead of riding directly home, or riding to the grocery store, then home, to sit in front of this machine and/or the tube, i decided to pedal directly west (no, not to the Eagle, keep going) to the west side highway, and just over, to the river. lots of nice benches, joggers, bicyclists, and the river, filled with sailboats, some kayaking type people, and the sun lowering in the sky. parked my ass on a bench, pulled out a book, and let myself slow down, relax, enjoy the warm feeling of the sun on my face, the cool breeze tickling under my armpits, and the what the! annoying sound of the heliport a few feet away..... but soon, that annoying sound dissipated, and i just enjoyed a nice rest before taking the slightly longer route home.