Friday, September 11, 2009

several of them pulled ahead, annoying me. but as the final one got just in front of me, and i glanced down at his snug jeans, back up to see his dark blue simpsons t-shirt, also snug, my annoyance fell away. when he started to pull away, his jeans slipped down, revealing that small patch of hair above the ass that I love so much; as his arms positioned, his shirt lifted up a bit, and the revealed bare skin formed a beautiful oval for me to follow. and follow i did. his thighs moved up and down, leading me blindly forward, hypnotized. occasionally he glanced sideways, giving me a glimpse of facial hair, a cute face probably two decades younger than mine, and most likely oblivious to the older man behind him who's grumpy morning had turned around in a matter of just a few blocks. i was no longer paying attention to my surroundings, other than the motion of the man ahead of me, letting his gestures dictate when i sped, when i slowed down, when i swerved slightly. when he got to fifth avenue, he suddenly darted ahead, and turned south, leaving me with a pleasant sigh, then a giggle, as i kept on heading west, peddling on my way to work on what started off as an ordinary september morning

crazy in love