Wednesday, December 16, 2009

let the love flow
fall into me

it was getting late. i had more beer than i should, but something kept me out, drinking more. the crowd was thinning, but the music was good, and still some handsome men scattered around. he smiled, but only halfway as if deciding if he wanted to aim it actually towards me, or just out into the room. i smiled back anyway. familiar handsome face, had seen him before, but had "dismissed" him as too young. you know that kind of dismissal, you decide he's not your type before he gets a chance to dismiss you as not his type. but handsome nonetheless, and his smile returned, and aimed right at me. it was more like a smirk; sheepish, sideways, maybe even smart-alecky; something you want to see again. smiling back, I caused his grin to widen, and we both had that "we're only a few feet apart, who's gonna risk moving while hoping not to trip?" expressions on our faces.

once next to each other, something mumbled, or grunted, and one of us got close enough to the other's face to force the other to decide - mmmmm, lips were soft, warm, light and promising.