Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Music Is My Boyfriend
Music Is My Boyfriend

you wouldn't think of me as the type who hums and sings while on my way to work in the morning. i'm fairly grouchy; can't really speak to other humans until i've had coffee, and some "alone time"' and i hate walking into work and seeing shit on my chair ("don't even think about sitting your hairy ass down before you deal with what i've put here"); the list goes on. and while pedaling my bike from the lower east side into midtown, there's enough nonsense on the road to really get my blood boiling; it basically involves anyone doing anything that interferes with me going quickly on my route through bike lanes to my destination. so the whole while, i am muttering, and cursing, and yelling, and most days, it gets to a point where something comes out of my mouth that stops me, and makes me laugh, and i begin singing it. something that happens way to often is the pedestrian who, while waiting for the light to change, keeps inching into the road... past the parked car lane, into the bike lane, and sometimes beyond. f@ckin irritating as hell, but the most entertaining ones are the ones who do it with their baby carriages. really. like there's some god out there watching over their babies, and no truck or cab, or nutty irritable bicyclist couldn't ram right into that carriage. so as "get your goddam baby out of traffic" comes out of my mouth, it tickles me, and makes me laugh, and relieves some of the morning stress, and i start to sing it. loud, out of tune (duh): "get your goddam baby out of traffic; get your goddam baby out of traffic". now don't worry, i'm only doing it while moving, so no one person has to hear more than a syllable or two.

and this gets me back to why i don't completely loathe my addiction to "dating" websites and the endless search for mr right through clicking on silly-ass personal profiles. every once in awhile i see someone's long-ass list of bands they dig, and i might pop into my favorite music downloading site and try a few bands out. that's how i found out about the album 1 Giant Leap, and learned about Antony's cover of Crazy Love (although i didn't recognize it as someone else's when i heard his version). so the song above, after it got downloaded to my hard drive an i clicked on it thinking at first "this sucks", then "this is annoyingly catchy", then "did he just mention pee?", and now, well, it's part of my morning ritual on the way to work:

I washed his dirty underwear
he made me toast

(C'mon! sing-a-long!) so, thank god i have at least this one reliable boyfriend to lean on during tough times, or tough moments like when moms shove their babies into traffic.