Saturday, April 21, 2001

buy me things

...hmm, this is about the 8th time this week i've seen someone's webpage have a "buy me things" section, and, well, its a cool concept... post what you wish you had on the web, and hope that complete strangers send them to you! Hey, believe me, I could come up with a zillion things. But here's the kicker - all of them - ALL OF THEM - link you to (and, NO, don't try to click on the word AMAZON, it won't take you away from my rambling...) - c'mon, fellas, be a bit more imaginative! - maybe something from here - okay, its saturday night in exciting MANhattan, so time to order pizza and see what AMC has on -

oooh, Rosie Greer , THE THING WITH TWO HEADS.... hmmmmmm, any beer in the fridge????