Sunday, April 29, 2001


love 'em fuzzy and sweaty - i just don't get the shaved balls thing.... I mean, a guy can get chapped lips that way!

ah, got my morning whack off out of the way, thanks to a vid called RAMROD - Cole Tucker does his standard (but oh-so-sexy) whack-off-with-guy-sitting-on-his-face thing as the finale.... but I came much earlier; Doug Jeffries, in a harness and leather something, has this hairy guy, in leather shorts, and his arms tied up above his head....dirty-talking, slapping the guy's stomach, the guy gets a hard-on, which protrudes above the waist-band..nice, fat one! soon enough, but not-too-soon, the shorts come off, and it IS a nice, fat, juicy cock....but more important, and this is when my morning business got taken care of... nice, fuzzy balls! absolutely NO SIGN of a trimmer/razor/shaver... just curly brown pubes surrounding a set of very lickable, mouth-watering balls,

and DAMN! if I didn't just step in my own cum while trying to refill my coffee...gotta go...