Wednesday, April 25, 2001

french tourist

cool, overcast day today, so I'm enjoying some good coffee, this great disc from
- and thinking about french cock from yesterday....

hanging around the park yesterday with you-know-what
between my legs (see pic) ...some guy sitting on the lawn seemed to take notice, and after a very long time of cat and mouse (i'm, very very shy, you know) he eventually got rid of his friend, and I eventually got the nerve up to go say hey - turned out he's a french tourist (yeah, i know, OOH LA LA ! ) - and after him struggling with English, and me not trying at all any of my 4 years of high school French, we used the feeble excuse of needing a pen to write down directions to The Cock as a reason to go back to my place. Eventually, he climbed on top of me, blah blah blah, and then the inevitable "Are you a top or a bottom?" - uggh! I thought, who the hell fucks at 6pm (ok, so don't answer that, i know, everyone but ME!) - he seemed truely disappointed when i told him i don't fuck, but within minutes of that disappointment, he managed to persuade me to get a closer look at his french underwear (black, bikini, nylony things, which, fortunately, weren't in my face for very long, otherwsie I probably would've started sneezing, or worse!) - and who knew that a succession of playful slaps to my face while slurping away would get such a BIG RISE out of me??? and when he came (and boy did he!) he knew right where to do it.... at first all over my fuzzy chest, then he aimed down and (yup, he had plenty to do this) all over my cock and balls; --- to be polite, of course, to my guest, I added my own meager morsel to his, and soon collapsed on the floor (40-year-old knees, ya know?)