Thursday, October 20, 2005

Julio Campas?

You'd think getting up at 7:30 on your day off, you'd actually have something accomplished by 10am, eh? Trolling eBay this morning, I'm clicking and bidding and "watching" various bits of porno and gaystuff, when I find an 8mm COLT film with a familiar face. Not that many bearded, Hispanic men in porno in the late 70's, and I think it must be Ray Medina. But when I go to Gay Erotic Video Index, and look up The Big Box, it lists two names, Julio Campas & Lars Lundig; clicking JULIO's name, it shows no aliases, and no other films. RATS! So, I go hunting through several boxes of stored porno in the storage space above teh closet to find the old COLT videotapes, get distracted watching the other 'loops" on The Best Of COLT Films part 1 LT60 (Killer & Butch, Gym Nasties, Coming To The End - OMG! is the sight of Rocco shooting on Nick Rodgers's face the hottest cum shot ever!?? - oops, sorry, I digress - then Playing With Danger - OMG! is the sight of Jack Hacker rimming Clint Lockner as Clint shoots on his very own face the hottest cum shot ever?!! ....... where was I? oh yeah, so the last loop is The Big Box and the delivery guy is this hot bearded man with tight Levis and a yummy butt and bulging crotch, and well, yes, it's him! Seeing his pierced, glistening chest in the California sun as he sits on lucky Lars' face is a GREAT way to start the morning.

Then, of course, I must figure out all the other films the man has been in, and remember that I have a tape that might have another pic of him, Rawhide. I must find that box, somewhere on the big shelves behind the desk. So, by the 3rd cup of coffee what I know so far is he goes by RAY MEDINA in the films Rawhide, Gayracula, and in Zeus Studios Tightropes 06; as R.W. Stone in Steve Scott's Wanted (remember the forced blowjob of prison guard Jack Wrangler at the beginning? - fuckinamazing!) and finally, as far as I know, this one COLT film, The Big Box as Julio Campas. phewwww! What's for lunch?

btw, that's Sky Dawson in the other cowboy hat, who you may remember from such films as: Falcon's Champs, Biker's Liberty, and Take It; and of course as Al Parker's co-star in the amazing 1982 film, Turned on!