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Sunday, October 09, 2005
promises, promises

ugh, sounds like one of those dang musicals an ex of mine used to listen to (well, no doubt he still does, but I don't have to!) I was referring to me, saying I would scan some more Mr. Parker for ya. Most of you have already clicked the pic and discovered that MR BJ has nothing better to do on a Sunday morning than give you folks more AL PARKER, but I trust some of you will show your gratitude in appropriate ways (I said appropriate!!). And a few of you have written in telling me of other AL PARKER ball-in-butt stuffin' incidents like: in the fantastic film WANTED where he does it in the barn with his real-life boyfriend Steve Taylor ("Actually a much better scene than that other one." - Fluffy - why yes, I have readers named "Fluffy"!); and a Canadian reader says he spotted AL in Flashback stuffing his balls up another young gentleman's wanting, waiting, ass (my team of AL WATCHERS has yet to identify the young man, but we are diligently working on it) - so there ya go....