Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Michael Christopher

Ahhhh, Michael Christopher! You may remember him from such films as Best Little Warehouse in L.A, JUICE, Fade In, Fade Out, GAYRACULA, Skin Deep, Trick Time, DOING IT, A Few Good Men and NOVA's How I Got the Story (among many others). I'd have to say my favorite performance of his was in Arthur Bressan, Jr.'s Pleasure Beach . He played the role of a gay lifeguard who works with straight lifeguard Johnny Dawes, who is annoyed and yet, ahem, rather curious, about Mr. Christopher's sexual escapades. By the film's end, they are in love, of course. Corny, but it works. (And don't forget the fantastic scene with sexy BEAU MATTHEWS - yum!) The pair also worked together in Lancer Brooks's (AKA Tom DeSimone) Skin Deep, where Dawes is a dirty book writer, and Christopher plays the hustler with a heart of gold that moves in with him. Oh, another good one to check out is Trick Time - not so much for the sex, but there's an actual interview with him (as well as Johnny Dawes) by Joey Yale and Fred Halsted - revealing Christopher to be quite a sweetheart!

The pic above is from a magazine I'm selling - Those Hot Guys Next Door - one of those magazines using photos of NOVA FILMS stars. This one has a great 12-page photospread of him, including a 2-page color centerfold. Click the pic to go to the auction page.