Friday, October 28, 2005

update on Matthew Limon
The Kansas City Star is reporting this morning that Limon could be out of prison by the weekened! OK, OK, I am way too cynical in this case to hold my breath for that, but, it is moving along. "On Thursday (yesterday), the court expedited its process of issuing final orders, a legal procedure that normally takes 20 days. The move, which came at the request of Limon’s attorneys, means Limon will be released as soon as a Miami County district judge agrees. That could come any day."

Gosh, if I weren't a complete stranger, not to mention a dirty old middle-aged man who runs this semi-perverted website, I would love to be there when he gets out, and have that LIFETIME TV moment, with hugging and tears and all that jazz. But it's good enough to know he will have that moment soon with his family.