Monday, January 30, 2006

Haven't spent much time here at this blog, other than to post pics and videos from stuff I'm selling (although I don't think many of you are worried about that, the stats tell me folks keep coming back - thanks!) Am just beginning my new schedule at work, which means only 4 workdays at the restaurant, and 3 "free days" - most notably Saturdays off, so me and the BF have ONE day a week where we both have the full day off. We lucked out this weekend, with temps here in NYC hitting the mid 50's. We wound up spending a good chunk of the day in Central Park, a place I rarely go to (uptown, ya know?) but such a great day!

We had been walking around for hours, as were a bazillion other people - birdwatching, people-watching, dog-watching, sunning on a rock near one of the ponds like seals, stuff like that. As we were getting tired and were heading out of the park, I noticed in the trees an owl. I got very excited, as not until our trip to Ohio last week had I ever actually seen an owl in the wild/outdoors before - it happened twice, in fact. So, we're slowly walking towards it, perched in a tree in a ravine, so he was still more or less at eyelevel as we walked towards him carefully and quietly. Then I realized he wasn't an owl at all, and I called out in a whisper: "honey, it's NOT an owl, what the... oh my, it's a hawk!" Just then I realized a couple of young boys, and their Dad, were doing the same thing, slowly walking over in awe. As I got to the edge of the little ravine's wall, I stopped and knelt down. The kids sat down with Dad, and my BF attempted to get some decent pics with his digital camera. After a short while, we noticed other people joining us, but all were quiet and respectful, no sudden noises, just subtle pointing and whispers. By the time we left, a crowd of about 20-25 people were gathered, admiring the beautiful bird, and probably equally as happy as us that they came to the park.