Thursday, January 26, 2006

Brothers Should Do It

Director: William Higgins (1981)

Starring: J.W. King, Jon King, Giorgio Canali, Jamie Wingo, Derrick Stanton, Brad Peters, Jack Burke, Brad Scott, Jimmy Jagger, Kip Noll

"There has always been something special between J.W. and his kid brother Jon, who idolizes him. Jon and J.W. King are reunited following a four-year separation, and Jon brings his big brother up to date on what's been happening in the big city." - basically - SEX! (duh) - but the two brothers exchange sex stories, and the one where Jon (little brother) is both top and bottom for Jamie Wingo is fantastic. Needless to say, all this sex talk gets the brothers quite horny, and the final scene is the two of them getting it on. It's actually quite fantastic, as each performer is always a pro, and here there is clearly some serious passion between these two men.

Of course, selling this on eBay!