Monday, January 09, 2006

ride me
3 days without posting means either lots of time with boyfriend, or fighting with boyfriend, right? I'll never tell. (but have I ever mentioned how much I love MAKE UP SEX?) meanwhile, we (BF and I) are planning a trip out of town (who the hell goes to OHIO in January???) next week, and I am struggling with what to do with the blogpage. I thought I would just post a link to Best Bear Blogs, but not all the guys on the list update that regularly. Then I figured I could just list all the links contained in the drop-down menu above, [elsewhere], but that's kinda lame, too. So maybe I should just ask for suggestions - folks out there who want a few more hits and think their website is kinda cool, interesting, or just different (lame, boring, and pitiful also have their place, so don't hesitate it those descriptions are more apt). I will warn ya that asking alone ain't gonna get a link posted in my "GONE FISHING, check out these cool places" post next Monday. And websites that are just a bunch of nekkid hairless allegedly str8 guys doing it with other alleged str8 guys with links to paysex sites ain't gonna get posted (but thanks for linking to me, guys!).... but entertain me with why you wanna get linked up here, by emailing me.