Friday, May 05, 2006

liz who? (....or, BECAUSE HE CAN)

I was hoping to do a quick post mentioning that a video clip I had posted a short while ago featuring Scott Taylor has the full video for sale on eBay - (the original post is HERE; clip still - temporarily - up). So I used that great little SEARCH feature, and searched for "TAYLOR" on my hard drive - and how about that - NO LIZ TAYLOR!!!! What kind of gay men would have no LIZ TAYLOR, but all these other hunky hot men.....? I'm sure you all know these great non-Scott Taylor pics above, so I won't bother identifying them for you; and here's two of him below (the reddish one is from Al Parker's great TURNED ON, the other perhaps a Christopher Rage-era still). As mentioned previously, his first film was Steve Scott's Rough Cut - ( currently for sale on eBay - oops, I said that already) in 1979, and in the same year, a similar solo scene for William Higgins in The Boys of Venice. He was later in several Chris Rage films/videos - Solo Jerk, Cutting Edge, Bizzare, My Masters, etc.; but my faves have to be the ones he did for AL PARKER - Strange Places, Strange Things in 1985, where he plays a delivery boy who brings a package to an older gentleman, but the package looks damaged, so he must go inside and help the guy inspect it. It's a vacuum pump, so they each do a bit of pumping, and the older guy tried sucking Steve, and of course Steve bends over and gets in a few licks on himself, as well. And then there's his performance in TURNED ON, where he not only gobbles his own cock, and ulimately his own cum, but he manages to stuff his own balls and cock in his cute little butt. Yes, yes, "go fuck yourself," literally!