Friday, May 12, 2006


Director: JIM STEEL (1996)

Starring: Brad Michaels, Tim Lowe, Sam Crockett, David Thompson, Randy White, Paul Carrigan, David Cline; and Aaron Brandt and Lance Williams; introducing Brent Cross.

My "sanitized" eBay description: "The next scene features the always hot Sam Crockett and David Cline. They stake out two stalls, knowing that rugged Randy White always comes by for action in the afternoon. They aren't disappointed, White shows up on schedule, grabbing himself as he sits in the center stall, looking thru the glory holes on either end. Soon all three have erections and White is deciding whom to do first. White alternates between the two, sometimes engaging both at the same time. Eventually they come out of the stalls. Mutual oral back and forth between the three, then bending over a trash can Cline gets topped first. Shortly thereafter White bends over and gets topped by Crockett. White'?s chest is where the scene ends."

And I'm selling this video on eBay.