Thursday, May 11, 2006

you may remember me from such films as Why Marines Don't Kiss, Throat Spankers, Father Figure, and of course, It's Better In The Butt

Ah, dependable, sweet but dirty-mouthed, hot, North Carolinian Sam Crockett. I don't think this is his best photo, but there ya go, hard huge dick - most of you don't care about the rest. But I do have a couple of videos (TANK TOP, MEN'S ROOM) with this lovely young man (OK, OK - he's my age, so maybe not so young....) up for auction, and am wondering why no one's biting. So I hope to upload a couple of clips in the next day, and see what y'all think. And i think he could pull off a nice remake of that 1952 classic, Return of the Texan (Texas accents are the same as North Carolina, right?).