Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ugh, eBay again
i fear that before the day is over, i will have my eBay account suspended. It's been a long time since that's happened, and it is a real pain in the ass, not to mention financially devastating. In some months my eBay income exceeds my "regular job" income.

The reason I think this will happen? Late last night, an email stating that an auction had been cancelled. I won't bother you with the details, but honestly, I saw nothings wrong in the listing; i re-read it 5 times, then re-read the email, then the link to the Mature Audiences page - which, by the way, hasn't been updated in years, continues to be vague and unhelpful. Later last night, another message from eBay - a previously unheard of "1 Day Selling Restriction", stating that since I've been bad, I can't list anything, nor open a new account, but can continue to shop, email, leave feedback, etc. Red flags go up in my head, they are reviewing my account, and will see, soon enough, that they cancelled another auction only 10 days ago, some sort of tame wrestling video, which again I couldn't see the problem with. This morning, another auction cancelled, and soon after, another message about a " 1 Day Selling Restriction"......

This auction i re-read (i keep a copy of the html file I compose), and saw indeed this time they were right - i used the word COCK. But goddamn it! I won't bother with the silliness of having you pledge you won't be offended by adult stuff, and you swear on your mother's grave you are old enuf to view, even putting credit card info on file as proof of age, and then having these limits - but ferchrissakes, they have all these filters so you can't post the number 16, or any word with the syllable PAL (limits on PAYPAL us in adult listings) - so why not have a filter that won't let an auction proceed if certain dirty words are used??? Why aggravate selers and buyers with these cancelled auctions when you can simply use a tidbit of technology, technology they already use, ferchrissakes, and prevent more of what they don't want done on their friggin' site!

Now, not that i don't like emails, but this has gotten me so aggravated, that i will warn you ahead of time - anything telling me to use NAUGHTYBIDS or another alternate, or to simply sell stuff right off my site - please don't bother - I'll bite yer fuckin head off! I've considers all that; and even with the hassles, eBay is really the only game in town for the kind of stuff i do - it gives me and the buyers protections, as well as giving me a lot more exposure to serious buyers that i could get elsewhere. GRRRRRRR!!