Monday, April 13, 2009

GOOGLEBOMB2009! - #AmazonFail or #GeekWin ?
it's all over the interweb, but since I have no time for myfacetweetbookspace and all that, i get all my news at Joe.My.God - and this interesting weekend uproar - #AmazonFail - Gay Twitterland blew up over the weekend over the news that Amazon was removing titles with LGBT content from its hotly-followed sales rankings. - wow! The fun part is the applause the on-line "community" gives themselves for their quick response to this - evil Amazon now hates gays, and gaymoney! yeah. uh huh. And Amazon's weak "sorry, just a glitch, our apologies" response only adds to the confusion and interweb glee. Sorry guys, but even if this guy taking credit for the whole thing is just joking, it's all kinda funny how quickly "we" would buy that Amazon suddenly turned anti-gay! The economic reality is that they neither want to lose our $$$$, nor do they want to admit to a major problem with their website that is, in fact, more than a "glitch" (i think back in the 40's we called this sort of thing "sabotage") The bottom line is that any user of the site can "flag" adult content, and with enough people clicking it, they take the item out of regular circulation. Someone figures out how to exploit that, and picks "gay and lesbian" instead of some conservative sort of list of books, cuz, well, it might just be more fun watching the queers get their knickers in a twist than them conservatives, who are having a rather pathetic time of it since the Obamawin. I mean, 2M4M? Teabagging parties? I think we can leave them to their own self-destructing devices.

and really, you want to see how economics is helping some of us? go to the adult section of eBay - they've softened their tone on the "Adult Only" rules page, including allowing PAYPAL as a payment method! You can't even find the old page, but I happened to have posted it some time ago here - the 2-pic only rule appears to be gone now, too! (see, and you were wondering how this would get back to porno-crazed ramblings) Viva Le Marketplace!