Tuesday, April 28, 2009

really, you sold that one?
Sometimes you just have to block the bad memories out. LALALALALA until it goes away. Anyhoo, some years back, I was selling off a buddy's porn video collection on eBay, and came across a film called Bad, Bad Boys - got good money for it, in fact. Little did I know it would never make it's way onto DVD, and is still, 30 years later, out of print. So, the other day, doing my Sunday routine, and thinking once again "no, I don't wanna listen to disco at 6pm on a Sunday", i tuned in anyway to PENETRATION (on East Village Radio) and was bobbing my head along not paying much attention til I heard - oh my god! - Theo Vaness's I'm A Bad Bad Boy, which of course is the theme music to the film! Of course, i didn't actually know WHO had done the song, and had given up years back figuring it out, but within minutes, I had my own copy - and now you can listen, too. Meanwhile, I really should dig up that movie trailer - it's quite good - and it's Johnny Dawes film debut! (he portrays B.J., who's initiated into a sadistic sexual gang....)