Thursday, July 09, 2009

bathroom sex

i think i missed out on toilet sex the other day. i was riding on the sidewalk, towards the bar, when I saw a handsome, familiar face coming toward me. when I realized we had "done it" at least twice many years ago, i got a big, i remember how hot that was grin on my face. in fact, the oh yeah, I trimmed his balls while he jerked off scenario quickly played in my head; so the grin must've been HUGE. he saw me, but didn't seem to show any recognition, but at least saw the smile. a few minutes later, beer in hand, i'm finishing up in the bathroom, grab the door to leave, and HE walks in, smiling as he sees me. he enters the stall as i leave, and i'm thinking, "should I go back" when i run into a bar buddy, we start to chat, and i loose track, never even seeing the guy come out. maybe he's still there?