Friday, July 17, 2009


is it love?

you know what's hard? (no, not that; already had my morning spooge) what's hard is finding a decent BUTT pic of Bruno! I suspect if I were to ever get my hands on a copy of Colt's 1974 publication, Gallery 10, featuring my favorite nonfictionalyetfictional boyfriend (sorry Jack and Al, but you're both dead) there's gotta be some good BRUNOBUTT in there, no? but i have to say, some of my fondest memories of whacking off to BRUNO involved just the idea of his butt - for example, one of the hottest scenes to me was from, I think it was Target Films' Good Neighbors, co-starring Roger (ya gotta love our one-named porno stars), and the point of view is you are looking directly at Bruno's crotch, with Roger's face behind him, burying in bruno's butt, hands grasping tightly on his slim hips, as bruno strokes his..

ooops, hard.
gotta run.