Saturday, July 25, 2009

next days

exhausted, i had taken all my work clothes off, got a cool drink, put the AC on, and was about to watch some tv to relax. after a few minutes, the air a bit too cold but i didn't feel like getting up and turning it down, i reached down beside the bed to grab one of the discarded t-shirts from the week (they never get into the laundry bag right away). pulling it on, it felt different, softer. then i noticed the aroma; soft subtle cologne, and i felt a grin come over me, as i realized who's shirt it was. i pulled it all the way on, clicked the tv off, and let the setting sun reflecting off the building next door lull me into a nap. nodding off, thinking about his touch, his cute smile, the strong hairy legs and how we didn't want to get out of bed the next day, even though i had to get to work. i called in late, moving back into bed with him as we grabbed each other close, just enjoying the firm grip of each other's arms, entwining our legs as tight as possible.