Saturday, November 07, 2009

patience pays off
you know you do it. you pretend you do it just for fun, just to get a few laughs. and it's not an addiction, not like those webcamrooms, or the spoogetube websites you visit a couple times a day (always before work, and usually before bed). still, day after day you go (just for laughs). but maybe today will be the day that cute guy who smiled at you will try some silly, desperate thing like post an ad in missed connections on craigslist.

damn it's been a long week - long, tiring days at work, you're coming down with a cold, and it's finally friday. you get a few hours sleep, only to wake up around 2am and turn the computer on. scrolling through the usual news, bearporn, and decoupage sites, you realize you could use a "laugh." Scrolling past you were richard simmons on halloween, you needed toilet paper in the next stall at Macy's, and cop who kept scratching his crotch at deli on 3rd Ave, something jumps out. nawwwww! ....maybe.... nawwwwwwww..... But finally, one of the cuties figured what the heck and is trying to find you! You have to read the ad three times to be sure - and the fact that he's younger makes you hesitate, but after the fourth read of you're the hot bearded daddy that rides your bike to work up 6th avenue every morning, you contact the guy, and you're meeting up for coffee tomorrow! wish me luck! good luck!