Wednesday, November 25, 2009

text only edition
despite being dead tired (work has been very very busy - and kinda aggravating, but not in that i-dont-want-to-be-here-i-hate-it-it-sucks way, but more in the damn-im-busy-and-i-cant-accomplish-half-what-i-want way, ya know?) i went out last night for "one beer." 3 beers later, i'm standing there and realize the 3 men nearest me are men i've slept with; one a sweetheart from like 25 years ago (did we meet at Boy Bar, or The Bar?)

today i'm hoping my boss follows up on his threat to FORCE me to leave at 3pm like everyone else, since my inclination is to stay and try to do some catch up. and there's the 4-day weekend, but i might go in on....naw, don't do it!

....p.s. to the two guys who read the post below and commented at the offending website - awww, i luv you guys!