Tuesday, November 24, 2009

'tis the season
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wow! so some sort of very popular website is hotlinking to my posting of Charo's funtastic "Mamacita Donde Esta Santa Claus"; sheeesh! with the cost of bandwidth so incredibly cheap, you'd think people would give up on hotlinking and just host their own tunes, pics, and whatnot.... what can ya do? meanwhile, some other dickwad completely lifted my the last time i had a nice ass in my face was..... post - the two porcelli pics (of course, I don't own the rights to them, but again, hotlinking? that's sooooooooooooooo 90's!) and word-for-word my sad lil lament on not getting any in however long. (and NO, I ain't linking to his sorry ass website with playgirl photos of some exgovernor's son-in-law's butt and god-knows what else unoriginal content he provides... but feel free to google "the last time i had a nice ass in my face was....." for yourself)

gee, ain't i in a lovely mood this morning!