Wednesday, May 02, 2001


days like this remind you how close you are to the ocean.....clouds moving quickly across the sky, that scent in the air, wet, not really humid but like its deciding whether to rain, or turn into a sunny day.....

my Kansan pal tortured me last night, awakening me from a good nap, cuz he's obsessing on this

music, with the aid of his guesses, and some researching on Google and Napster, I managed to find one of the 3 missing songs,,,,,,now we are down to 2 missing songs...

some guy responded to my SLURP! message on the m4m site...naw, a bobybuilder wanting to meet up with me??? hehe...but that pic of him spread out on his kitchen table, HOT DAMN! ..... cross yer fingers for me, i am H-O-R-N-Y!!!!!