Friday, September 30, 2005

"Before Chris Pull is picked up by Jay Fox on a rainy, New York street, he's an ordinary, cheap hustler who lives by his wits like an alley cat. Luckily for him, he's endowed with blond, country-fresh looks, a strong muscular body, and an unforgettable ten inches. He's a drifter with no place to go... and he thinks he's straight." - Junior Dixon - GOLDENROD 1974 MANhard Books.

Just got a crapload of new paperbacks - so busy busy busy scanning, researching, and preparing. Good news is not all of them are X-rated, so you're free to take a peak at them on eBay.

  • The Why Not - classic 60's from Victor J. Banis & GREENLEAF
  • Tops, Bottoms, & Sidepockets - "the unflattering term applies to those homosexuals who willingly use every sexual possibility of their bodies to achieve sensual bliss..."
  • The Flaming Heart relisted, ending today, Friday.
  • AC-DC Lover more from Victor J. Banis (here as VICTOR JAY) - you must check out the "GGA"cover art!
  • Gay Treason - yet another pseudonym of Victor J. Banis - J.X. Williams; gay life in occupied Paris in the 40's
  • All Shades of Gay - "Jerry Burton's feeling of love for a friend came through on canvas despite - or because of - his imprisonment on a false charge. Gay colors may come from the heart, as well as the palette" - um, ok.....
And of course, the full list of what i currently have to offer (auction-wise, you smart-asses!) is always here, on my eBay page