Tuesday, September 20, 2005

ohhhhhhhhh, Mister Grant!

Probably best known for his work with COLT Studios (in such films as Hammerhead, House Boat and Flatbed; and FALCON (in such films as Working Late, Young Conquest and the fantastic The Crotch Watcher) he was in only one film where he spoke! The fanfuckintastic 1978 release from director Lancer Brooks, (AKA Tom DeSimone), HOT TRUCKIN' - you know, where "Gordon Grant stars as a horny truck driver who encounters some wild sex on the road while delivering his load."

Yes, yes, selling TWO magazines with Mister Grant featured prominently -

  • The above pic is taken from IN TOUCH 45 - where Grant graces an 8 page, 9 photograph spread, (including the centerfold), plus the cover, and an additional handsome smiling one on the Editorial page - from photographer D J GARRET.
  • and in a 1977 publication, FALCON FILE - 6 pages, 14 great photos in this premier issue from the "FALCON FILE" magazine series.