Wednesday, September 28, 2005


"Excuse me; where the hell's the toilet?"

director: Jack Deveau (1977)

Starring: Roger and Jack Wrangler; with Jayson MacBride, Garry Hunt, David Hunter, Eric Streiff, Joe Dellasandro (uncredited), and in a non-sexual role Tray Christopher (Chris Rage's voice as M.J. Stunning, a radio D.J.).

HOT HOUSE is the notorious film from director Jack Deveau - notorious because it incorporated a sequence "starring someone you're sure to recognize - his tattoo reads 'Little Joe'!" - courtesy of someone named Norman Fisher. But more importantly - to me anyway - this was ROGER's first film (he did work for TARGET under the name Tom Garrett around the same time, but I honestly don't know which came first - suffice it to say that at the least, this was ROGER's first "talkie"). Briefly, Jack Wrangler (my fave porno actor, of course) picks up this stud (ROGER) at the health club, but when he gets home, ROGER needs to pee and runs off to the bathroom. Lucky GARRY HUNT (who, as usual, is fanfuckintastic) just happens to be in the shower, and in the interests of water conservation, suggests to ROGER: "why don't you just give me some of that?" Alas, the scene is cut from most video releases past the mid 1980's, and you'd have to be some sort of GAY PORNO-CRAZED guy to have a copy! Two more interesting bits (you're already watching it and stopped reading awhile ago, right?) is the disco music - which I can't name (PLEASE HELP!) - and the narrator/DJ - it's Christopher Rage billed as M.J. Stunning (you might remember his performance in the 1974 film, DRIVE, as the drag queen Arachne, billed at the time as Mary Jim Sstunning).