Thursday, September 15, 2005

grumpy man

A couple weeks back, WIGSTOCK Saturday, in fact, anxiously waiting to be able to flee the workplace and walk up the couple of blocks to Wigstock when a voice says something like "That's a great picture." I turn to see someone waiting for the bathroom, who continues on: "That guy on the website, with the beard, it's so cool, such a great picture." Needless to say, it took me a few seconds to focus and realize he was talking about MY website, this page; geez, I posted it in the A.M. so who the heck remembers what he's done before noon..... and I sorta grumbled something fascinating like "yeah, sure, thanks." After coming back out of the bathroom, I think he said something else, but of course, in my own little world, he had already walked away by the time I realized what he'd said. So, my apologies for being a rude f*ck, ya just caught me a tad off guard. Above is an additional pic - the magazine it's from is being auctioned off (off course)- and here is the full centerfold of that same bearded model, RAFAEL