Saturday, December 03, 2005

big load
had a really great afternoon earlier this week - had received an email a coupla weeks back from a neighborhood man who had a bunch of old porno he wanted to get rid of - LUCKY ME! So, we met up this week, and I hauled off a bunch of videos and magazines. Some are currently listed - see my EBAY PAGE here - but most will have to wait til after the holidays. I must say, I was afraid I was gonna scare the poor man- each video I picked up I rambled on about it - "Oh, TOILET TAMPS - Joey Stephano, Anthony Gallo - oooh, wait - that's TIJUANA Toilet Tramps - never mind", or "Oh My God! This is the full 88 minute version, IN THE BOX!!", or "Oh My - The Big One, with Sparky O-Toole, about an earthquake with real special effects, I was so sorry last time I sold this - this will have to be a keeper!" - but he was more than sweet and patient, and I think it was fun for both of us; besides the obvious part of getting a big haul of porno, it was nice for me to meet a nice man who shared my enthusiasm for this stuff, ya know?