Tuesday, December 27, 2005

nobody knows I watch this

So, a couple weeks back, my boyfriend learned my shameful little secret. We had just come from seeing Brokeback Mountain, all three of us (my upstairs neighbor/good buddy Scott was with us) sorta stunned and insular by the film's affect on us, we desperately needed some diversion. Flick Flick Flick on the TV, I suggested seeing what LOGO had on. I was happy to see that NOAH'S ARC was on, a show I'd been watching late at night for awhile, but unsure if the BF would get into this silly gay soap opera. Oh gosh, no need to worry after all, we wound up watching about 5 episodes during a marathon, and then not long after I got back home from my Xmas trip to Chicago, BF is asking "when can we watch Noah's Arc, when can we watch Noah's Arc", like a cute little boy, and we lucked out, there was another marathon on Sunday night! We watched the first 4 episodes before falling asleep. But drats! Apparently, the series ended for the season about 2-3 weeks ago. Thankfully, there is another marathon on LOGO tonight, starting at 9:30pm EST - all 9 episodes (we missed the season finale).

If you're curious, check it out, as well as this site with episode guides, trivia, etc, and LOGO's not-very-helpful page. Also, this guy reports that it's gonna resume in the summer, and have episodes on iTunes sometime in January, not to mention a DVD release sometime in late winter/early spring.

Don't expect much other than a fun diversion, the writing is only slightly better than, and slightly less ridiculous than, Desperate Housewives (like that's hard to do), but there's a fun cast of characters - most horrifying wardrobe (NOAH), most annoying (CHANCE), most adorable face (WADE - not to mention most fuckable), ass you'd most want to eat, er, see (TREY), most hilarious (ALEX, by far).... you get the idea.