Tuesday, December 13, 2005

....then the Cowboy comes to the rescue, riding in on his.... um...
Tenderfoot and the Cowboy

Starring: Jack Wrangler and Jim Rogers (1981?)

Now now, Gay Cowboys in the movies ain't nothing new - I've seen them bazillions of times in such films as: Tenderfoot and the Cowboy, Gold Rush Boys, Rawhide, Boots and Saddles (Oh wait, that's about the NYC gay bar, not cowboys), Beach Cowboy, Ranch Fever, Round Up, The Magnificent Cowboys, The Ranch Dudes, Ranch Hand, Mustang Ranch, not to mention films from COLT like - The Bonus (with Mike Davis, Gunther Keller, and Shadow), and Muscle Ranch!... and of course, Joe Gage's Heatstroke.

And with a name like JACK WRANGLER, this guy was BORN to be in cowboys films!