Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Regular readers probably know that my favorite online retailer of vintage porn is Bijou Video. They carry lots of old titles, many unavailable anywhere else, they have great customer service, and - they always have something on sale! Of course, there is a bit of nostalgia for me with them, as they also run one of the country's oldest porno theatres, the place where I had many of my first sexual experiences 20some years ago (ahem!) Anyway, back to their sales - I was just checking the sale page (can't link directly, they want you to age-verify; but once you do, look to the left side for the LINK marked "SALE") and found quite a few worhtwhile films/videos at great prices.
  • CATCHING UP - 1975 Tom DeSimone film with hung Keith Anthoni as he struggles with his new boyfreind wanting an "open" realtionship. Great acting, some humorous dialogue (the break-up scene at dinner is fantastic!) and of course some good fuckin and suckin. 9.95! plus shipping - woo-hoo!
  • FACE TO FACE from director Steve Scott (1981). Heartwarming tale of young man who leaves his boyfriend of his favorite porn star, J W King. On the way we get to see sexy Mickey Squires gets topped by Will Seagers in a 3-way in a gym; our young blond hero Scott Andersen forced to suck off highway patrolman CLINT LOCKNER, and of course the finale, when Scott finally catches up to J W for a passionate shower room scene. 9.95! plus shipping - woo-hoo!
  • HOT HOUSE Jack Wrangler & Roger - what more could you ask for? Well, how about lively and fun Garry Hunt, and some 8mm footage of Joe Dallesandro - all from master director Jack Deveau in this great film from 1977. ONLY one little problem - the famous ROGER peeing in Garry Hunt's mouth scene is censored in this VHS-on-sale version (9.95); but the good news is that if you really want to see that scen, they've jsut come out with a new DVD that INCLUDES the scene (52.95)!
  • MADE TO ORDER from NOVA FILMS. One on the many reasons I love BIJOU VIDEO is that all thier NOVA titles are the complete versions - you might see some offered by companies like MIDNIGHT MEN - Brian's Boys (later called Brian's Men is a prime example - and 15-20 or more minutes are missing! Don't take chances, buy from a reliable retailer like BIJOU. Oh yeah, NOVA FILMS, in case you don't know, are usually 15-20 minute films put into a collection - what I like best about them are the facials - guys shooting big loads in other guy's faces - a NOVA FILMS specialty! - oh yeah, they also have Down On The Farm (cowboys, jockstraps...) on sale for 9.95

and tell 'em BJ sent you (not that you'd get special treatment - they're nice to all their customers)