Sunday, February 05, 2006


Director: John Christopher (who also did CENTURIANS OF ROME) (1983)

Starring: Steve Collins (as Mr. Jackson, the attorney), Brian Hawks (as Taylor), Rick Taylor (as Samuel Warren); featuring: Tony Cariso, Danny Combs, Alain Ve Charriere, Donald Davison; with Tony Kidd, Dayn Kristofer, David McNeil, and Adam Winston

This is a fun one - combines an actual plot with some good hot early 80's sex. A millionaire dies while having sex with a hustler, then all his friends are gathered for a reading of the will. Of course, the will is the dead guy on videotape, and the way to get the money is to submit to various gay sex acts! Sweet guys must do rough sex, arch enemies must have tender sex together, and - E-GAD! a top guy must bottom for attorney Steve Collins! Clip above has intro sex scene; clip below has the non-sex set-up, for those who dig the non-sex parts of good gay pornos. Enjoy.

Blah blah blah, I'm selling this on eBay - auction ends today, Sunday.).