Wednesday, February 22, 2006


gosh, i seem to be neglecting this blog. busy busy busy here, not just with auctions and a boyfriend who oddly enough seems to still like me after 8 months (my how time flies!), but will need to get started on a roommate search again (great roommate, but he's traveling in Europe for awhile, so he must be replaced, or at least the $$$$ he paid for that room each month) and am going to have the apartment painted before getting a new roommie (it's been like 6 or more years!) and i will need some time to collect, organize, and box/package a lot of porno so as not to get any paint splashed on my valuable valuable collection (not to mention the craploads of stuff I need to unload on eBay)

more later, but can't tell you when that will be - perhaps more porno clips?

oh yeah, that's JACK WRANGLER in a cover photo from a magazine i need to scan, research, type up, and post on eBay.