Thursday, February 02, 2006

Brokeback Boots on eBay

You'd think someone selling size 10-1/2 Brokeback and Warn-out Cowboy Boots, would have the decency to show a picture of himself - or at least his feet! (But reading the listing, he has quite an interest in videos of other guys wearing his boots - hmmmm!!)

Of course I found this searching on eBay - it's a tribute to the popularity of the film that last time I did this, in December, an eBay search on "Brokeback Mountain" returned about 250 results - and now it's over 1200! Still lots of magazines, film cells, and of course now various t-shirts - "you're so brokeback""(huh?), "Property of Heath Ledger"", and my personal favorite, "a hand designed/crafted shirt. Very Original." Indeed.