Friday, June 23, 2006

Phewwww! Found the Sylvester CD, so let the (Gay Pride) party begin! Yesterday, I just barely managed to get the 2 2-hour discs done in time to get my ass to work (my ass was 8 minutes late, damnit!) but the good news is I got the task accomplished, and my buddy Jeff picked it up and was happy to have it. When I got home late last night, a wonderful email from him - he was very pleased and only wished he could show the "reels" in the main room of the bar! Big YEAHHH!! So, no news or post from me for a couple days - But, in the meantime, enjoy my favorite pornmovie song - HEATSTROKE - and read my W.W.R.L.D.?? post from last year, if you want to know why you're wishing me and my BF a Happy 1st Anniversary! And here's my current fave PetShopBoys tune - Always On My Mind...