Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fred Halsted, the BOY and His Dad (pt 1)

"There ain'ta horse that can't be rode and a cowboy that can't be throwd."

Director: Joe Gage (1977)
Starring: Richard Locke and Fred Halsted; Also featuring: Clay Russell, Guillermo Ricardo, Keith Anthoni (in the motorcycle scene), Mike Morris (father), Jared Benson (son), Lou Davis, Steve King, Aaron Taylor, Robert Snowden, Ken Brown, Rob Carter, Jeanne Marie Marchaud, Veronica Compton, and in non-sexual roles Georgina Spelvin (she plays the bartender), and Stan Braddock; plus "The Wrecking Corps" - Hal Dorn, Joe Gage, Ty Harper, Delmer Jackson, Yank Jankowski, Christian Laage, Buck Lingren, Ed Murray, Bill Oberfeldt, and Al Yeager.

BLAH BLAH BLAH, you know i love this film, perhaps the one I've blogged most about over the years, given that most VHS versions are missing anywhere from 15-25 minutes from the original 1977 theatrical release. So, given that I am selling off another of these (mostly) uncut versions (see earlier February post with details about the film here), I was trying to find some footage that I haven't yet shown - and yet, the infamous so-called and mislabeled "incest" scene is still the one I get asked for most - the Dad & Son scene where Dad and Son don't actually do it - Dad just watches Son do it with red Halsted. But when Dad is the incredibly hot COLT model Mike Morris (is it true Mike never did any COLT movies, only photos???), I figured I should include the previous few minutes, in a rare (perhaps only) scene where we get to hear Mr. Morris talk. Later Ill try to post the actual sex scene. And, of course, my EL PASO WRECKING CORP (VHS) listing on eBay - item #9529265267, ends SUNDAY the 18th.

note: MIKE MORRIS, left; RICHARD LOCKE, right (you think I could post about Gage and Daddies and NOT get Richard Locke in there!!??