Monday, June 05, 2006

Marine Furlough

director: Matt Sterling (1974/5?)

Starring: Bill, Gary Boyd & Mark (10-1/2) Stevens

This clip is from a film called Marine Furlough, but I found it on a BIJOU VIDEO compilation called DICKS SO BIG, THEY'LL TICKLE YOUR HEART. As some of you know from my eBay auctions, I try to give as much detail and info as possible in the body of my auctions so sellers know what they are getting, or maybe even reminds them of when they may have seen the video in the past, especially with these older ones. BIJOU VIDEO didn't have a great description, but the loops on this tape seemed like they may have been BRENTWOOD, and one looked like GARY BOYD, so on that hunch, I checked Gay Erotic Video Index, and he had some great info, which I then used as I was composing the auction. But as I'm reviewing the tape, I realized that music had been added, clearly at a later date, and I remembered that TROPHY VIDEO, which put out a series with lots of BRENTWOOD LOOPS, often added disco or even new-wavish music (New ORder stands out) in the early 80's. So now I would love to know the background music for this clip before I put it up for auction - help if you can, thanks!

UPDATE: "I've Found Love (Now That I've Found You)" by the group Love and Kisses from 1977. - THANKS to Jeff H.
(I'm selling - DICKS SO BIG, THEY'LL TICKLE YOUR HEART - on eBay (ends MONDAY)