Wednesday, June 28, 2006

garbage pickin'
About two weeks ago, coming home from a postal run to ship off a bunch of porn, I notice a piece of machinery outfront my building, and I get closer to inspect. Ahhh, an old VCR, on it's side. I get closer to examine in case it's BETA (I have about 5 BETA tapes I've never been able to view) but, alas, it's VHS. Having two VHS players upstairs, I almost plopped it back on the ground when I decided to inspect closer, and saw that someone had left an old tape in it, none other than the 1983 gay porno classic A Matter Of Size!!! Woo-hoo! Moments later I am in my apartment, confirming that the tape is in good working order (and I later discovered the VCR plays OK, too!) Free porn, delivered right to me door - how 'bout that?


"I don't know if you guys can take it, I have a real big cock."

"Well, why don't you let us try it on for size; we're game....."

cue: Casio-synth disco music

Director: Matt Sterling (1983)

Starring: Bill Henson, Brian Michaels (aka Bobby Madison), Eric Stryker, Doug Weston, Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North), Lance Chisholm, Scott Avery, Mike Ryan, Brad Walsh, Steve Krause, Joe Porcelli, Don Webber

Fantastic 3-way scene with early 80's pros Doug Weston (mustached; you've also seen him in such films as: Gayracula, French Lieutenant's Boys, The Bigger The Better), Bill Henson (you've also seen him in such films as: The New Breed, Winner Takes All, and William Higgins' Sailor In The Wild), Eric Stryker (you've also seen him in such films as: Knockout, Thinking Big - AKA Noel Kemp - Alleycats, Colt's Easy Entry and Not Just Friends - AKA Mike Kelly - in such films as: Jock Dreams, Wrestling Meat 2). Eric Stryker gets topped first, but Henson quickly says "let me try" and it's his turn. Then Henson gets topped by Stryker; Weston then alternates topping the others as Henson straddles atop Stryker. Of course, this film also features the amazing Brian Michaels - AKA Bobby Madison - who you've seen in such films as: Brother Load, Something Wild, French Lieutenant's Boys, The Bigger The Better in another 3-way as he barks orders at his two blond co-stars Scott Avery and Don Webber.

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